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Entrance Examination Gr.02 to Gr.04 27-12-2017

We request the parents to review the portions for entrance test as shown and give them confidence. Now that we have very limited seats, only the students who secure the required percentage will be given the admission.

GRADE 2 (English)

  • A/AN
  • Look at the picture and answer the questions.
  • Write three sentences. (It can be about any one of : Myself, My School, My Family, My Mother)

GRADE 2 (Math)

  • Write from one number to another number between (100 to 1) in descending order
  • Write the given numbers in ascending order
  • What comes between two numbers?
  • Complete the series (Like 2,4,6,??)
  • Use math symbols like <, >, =
  • Find the smallest and biggest numbers from the given set of numbers.
  • Write number names from ONE to HUNDRED
  • Addition with 2 digits.

GRADE 2 (General)

  • Common sights and normal practices related with Human world, Animal World and the Universe.

(e.g.     A bird lives in ……………………. (house/building/nest/tree)

            Write any body parts., etc. )

  • Use of Sense organs
  • About Sun/Moon
  • About Transport

GRADE 3 (English)

  • In/on/under/at
  • Is/are/am/was/were
  • Form meaningful sentences from the jumbled.
  • Use the words in sentences
  • Write opposites of some common words, like go x come, friend x enemy, etc.)
  • Read the passage answer the questions that follow.

GRADE 3 (Math)

  • Write Ascending order of the given sets of numbers
  • Use math symbols <, >, x, etc.)
  • Write number names (Any number between One Hundred and One Thousand)
  • Additions and Subtractions with 2/3 digits

GRADE 3 (General)

  • Common sights and General Knowledge about season, planets, animals, profession, fruits, vegetables, directions, common rules, etc.

GRADE 4 (English)

  • Read the passage answer the questions that follow.
  • Spell Check of the common words
  • Rearrange the given group of words into meaningful sentences.
  • Write about the given image/ picture.
  • Use the right word. (Grammar: Tense, article, Plurals, gender, etc.)

GRADE 4 (Math)

  • Numbers in sequence till 4000
  • Number names till Two Thousand
  • Additions with single fractions
  • Place values till 10,000
  • Additions, Subtractions with three digits
  • Multiplication with single digit
  • Division with single digit
  • Find the time

GRADE 4 (General)

  • General basic facts about Earth, Countries, Communication