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Entrance Examination KG-2 & Gr.01 20-12-2017

 We request the parents to review the portions as shown and give them confidence. Now that we have very limited seats, only the students who secure the required percentage will be given the admission.

KG-02 (English):

  • Identify/Name the common colours (Oral)
  • How do the Letters sound (Oral)? (e.g. H-ha, G-ga, etc.)
  • Write the Alphabet (Upper Case and Lower Case)
  • Write the First letter to some common pictures given.
  • Read the given words of 2/3 letters.
  • Write own name.

KG-02 (Math)

  • Write Numbers 1 to 20 in given columns. (one number in one column)
  • Write Number Names from ONE to TEN
  • Count the given things and write the number
  • Identify common differences like TALL/SHORT, SMALL/BIG, HARD/SOFT, COLD/HOT, etc.

GRADE 1 (English)

  • Identify the common pictures of 4/5 letters and write their names.
  • Write opposites of some common words: (e.g.Big x Small)
  • Arrange the words into a complete sentence : (have/ball/a/I—I have a ball)
  • Look at the picture and write four sentences: (this is a ……., I see a ………, there is a ………….)
  • Write sentence using ‘THIS’ or ‘THAT’

GRADE 1 (Math)

  • Write missing numbers (from 1 to 40)
  • Write number names (from ONE to TWENTY)
  • Addition with single digits.
  • What comes AFTER/BETWEEN/BEFORE (from 1 to 40)
  • Subtraction with single digit.