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Student IT Blog

Students of Grade 8 have developed a blog detailing the activities of IT Department. They would like to make it interactive in the next phase. For a short visit go to https://nisuaqitdept.wixsite.com/itdept

Office Hours During Vacation

The School Office will be functioning from Saturday to Thursday from 08.00 am to 02.00 pm. All transactions are possible. For Admission purposes, registration by online is recommended. (Contact No.067663946)

School Syllabus (2020-2021)

Detailed schedule of the syllabus with specified portions in respective months and pursuant evaluations are given in the download section, http://www.nisuaq.com/announcements.php

School Spellathon Tests

Language is the basis of communication. The more a student learns new words the more confident and comfortable (s)he will be to use the language. The English Department resumes the programme of Language Development through a weekly Spellathon. Accordingly, 30 words will be displayed in different categories in their classrooms and a spell-test based on those words will be conducted on Tuesdays. Gr.01 to 04 students will get the word list printed in their hands. As a second stage activity of vocabulary development, five additional simple words / phrases/ idioms may be given once a month just to use in own sentence. We do believe that constant practice on new words will give competency in the use of vocabulary and will boost confidence in the use of Language. The New List of words will be published in the Student Corner.

School Detailed Profile

A Brief history and the future plans of the schools are available in the Download page...

Disciplinary committee policies

Dear Parents, Disciplinary committee policies are in the Download page. Please check and comment....