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Admission Procedure

Admission Policy


New admissions are generally accepted in the final phase of the academic year for the oncoming academic year. Following procedure has been adopted to facilitate the parents/ guardians seeking admission for their wards. We are an inclusive school that welcomes children from all backgrounds but we are restricted from admitting SEN students provisionally. However, some SEN students with the least number of challenges are admitted.

  • All applications will be treated on merit and in a sensitive manner.
  • If the number of children applying for entry exceeds the places available, we enforce the procedure set out below in order to determine whether a child is accepted or not. It is our wish to allow parents the right to have a place at the school of their choice. However, this is not always possible, due to the application for admission exceeding seats available.
  • Children from the neighbourhood, siblings and staff children are given first preference in case of application outnumbering seat availability.
  • In other cases, picking-lots may be depended on fair means.
  • The students who seek admission to the classes from KG-02 to Gr.09 from diverse academic backgrounds will have to undergo a test in English, Science and Mathematics to ascertain if the student is ready for the class applied for. We offer a lower class if there is a serious gap in fundamentals.

Principles of Special Education Needs

  •  When a child applies for admission, as much information as possible is obtained from previous schools/nurseries. The initial interview will often be conducted before this information is available, but the child will usually make a second visit to the school when all the information has been gathered and discussed. This will enable the child to undergo an informal assessment with the Special Educator/ Counsellor. All children are regularly reviewed and the allocation of extra provision can be adjusted according to performance in school.
  •  All help given to children with SEN is directed towards helping them gain greater access to the curriculum. This is achieved through extensive use of all forms of differentiation, accommodations where and if necessary. Every effort is made to integrate children with SEN into all of the school activities.

The standard number

  • The standard number is the number of children the school can accommodate. The standard number for our school is between 25-30.

 Admission Procedure

  • The applicant should fill in the registration form and enclose it with the documents asked for. The date for the receipt and submission of the form is mentioned therein. Registration of the name does not guarantee the admission. The idea of registering the names in advance is, to estimate the probable number of the students seeking admission, to ensure limited number of students in each class, to examine the feasibility of opening new divisions and to create channel to correspond with the parent/ guardian to apprise him of the latest information about the admission.
  • The age of the child should reach 4 years before March 31 of the current academic year to be eligible for the admission to KG I class.
  • At the time of registration for admission the following documents need to be submitted:
    1. A photocopy of the birth certificate.
    2. A photocopy of the student's valid passport, with a valid residence visa stamp or fresh valid entry permit.
    3. Two recent passport size photographs.

 Criteria for Admission

  1. Direct admissions will be granted only in K.G.I, K.G.II. and Std.I.
  2. Admissions to K.G.II and Std.I will be entertained on the basis of an admission test.
  3. Certificates from outside U.A.E should be attested by the Education Department (DEO/AEO) of the concerned region.
  4. It has also to be attested by the Diplomatic mission of the country (Indian Consulate) and the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Sharjah/Dubai. 
  5. All certificates from local schools must be attested by the Ministry of Education or Zonal Office in UAE.

Essential for Admission

  1. Original Passport of the Pupil. (It shall be returned after the perusal)
  2. Passport Copy of the Child with valid Visa Page
  3. Transfer Certificate in English (Applicable to the pupils who come from other Schools than that of UAE seeking admission to II and above.
  4. Transfer Certificate in Arabic (Applicable to the pupils who come from other Schools in UAE seeking admission to II and above)
  5. Original Mark Card or Certificate from the previous School. (Only to the pupils from II)
  6. Six Passport-size Photographs
  7. Birth Certificate Copy
  8. Original Emirates ID of the Pupil
  9. Copies of EID of the Parents
  10. One passportsize photo each of parents.
  11. Marklists of the latest 2 years, if admission is sought to Grade 3 and above. (The Marklists have to be attested from the consulate and from UAE foreign Affairs) . It is recommended the Grade 2 students have to submit the marklist of Grade 01.
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Guidelines for Admission

  • The following minimum age level should be attained for direct admission.

            K.G.I               4 Years to be completed during the current academic year spanning from April to March.

            K.G.II              5 Years to be completed during the current academic year spanning from April to March.

            Std.I                6 Years to be completed during the current academic year spanning from April to March.

  • N.B. Relaxation in direct admission may be granted in KG02 and Gr.01, if valid documents certifying previous academic history are produced
  • On no reason, relaxation shall be granted for below-aged. However, over-aged cases will be considered on merit basis.Admission of students coming from other countries following different syllabus is granted on the basis of admission tests subject to the approval from the Ministry of Education.
  • Students coming from other syllabus following a medium of instruction other than English will be admitted to the class lower than the one to which the T.C. is produced.
  • Entries with regard to Name, Date and Place of Birth should be in conformity with the passport.
  • The Final Selection to Grade KG1 will depend on the child’s performance at an assessment session to ascertain him/ her the ability in speech and physical developments to attend a pre-school.
  • All Admissions are subject to MINISTRY’S APPROVAL.